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From Mann Ki Baat to Jan Ki Baat on demonetization: JanJanKiBaat28

A Delhi resident conversed with the CEO and Founder of Jan Ki Baat, Pradip Bhandari, to give us an elaborate understanding of the black money issue that demonetization intends to erase. Demonetization has been criticized, he says, for primary this: its poor implementation which begun from the shortage of supply of the new currency, leaving the citizens of India feeling the cash-crunch. While curbing the growth of black money in India is a noble goal, the manner in which this curbing has taken form has proven itself an obstacle to daily routines. Though, the classes that can access technology can make do, it’s the poorer, sans the smartphone, who face the real challenge.

Demonetization came as a surprise to many when PM Modi declared his, and his government’s intention to clean the nation, on 8th November 2016. Getting rid of black money formed major chunk of Modi and BJP’s 2014 manifesto. Withdrawal of the legal tender of ?1000 and ?500 met with staunch resistance by some groups and was questioned by many. Though demonization was lauded for its noble goal, it was simultaneously critiqued for the loopholes it contained.

#JanJanKiBaat hopes to understand the direction in which demonetization, as is perceived by the public, is heading towards.


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