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Day 6 of Training and educating India towards a cashless future at Malviya Nagar

The 6th Day of Training and Educating India about the Cashless Future, under the Guidance of Meenakshi Lekhi, a BJP Member of Parliement, hopes to successfully educate the public about digitization and related changes. The residents of Malviya Nagar spent their day learning about the infinite possibilities opened up by technology. Lekhi provides the technical information necessary for this shift from a cash-based to a completely cashless economy. Today’s pains maybe tomorrow’s gains, was the underlined message of this seminar. The need to increase the tax-base was underlined by Lekhi, who pointed at the first of the few problems demonetization would solve: conversion of the black money into white and increase the government revenue, thus, paving the road for a developed India.

Accumulation of the new notes, especially the higher value notes like the ?2000 one,will force India into a cycle India it is trying to get out of, hence cashless economy’s importance becomes significant in India’s future. From demonetization, to vouching for a cashless economy, the BJP government’s noble aim to erase the parallel economy run by black, unaccountable money, is part of the larger pattern of Digital India, a notion that forms a large chunk of the government’s manifesto.

There are multiple benefits of such a cashless future, revealing unaccounted money and nullifying the parallel, black economy being just one benefit. Paperless work and digital banking are some of the other benefits for a technologically-efficient India.


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