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India is the Heart Attack capital of the world: Dr.Robert Schneider, Author

Dr. Robert Schneider, the Dean of the Maharishi College of Health and author of Total Heart Health, spoke to Pradip Bhandari, the CEO and Founder of Jan Ki Baat, during his tour that’s making an effort to share the latest knowledge about the heart’s health. India has been, according to recent statistics, declared the heart attack capital of the world, with 2 million heart attacks reported every year. Dr Schneider claims that this number has been escalating over the past 50 years. The major cause of such an epidemic is unstable psychological state and stress, both of which are impacted by the brain’s function. Citing spiritual wellbeing as the solution, Schneider notes that the focus has to be on preventive healthcare instead of surgeries and medicinal therapies. These therapies also are part of the economic losses, with 200 billion dollars being spent for treatment, annually. With Yoga and Ayurvedic medicines, there has been a 48% reduction in deaths due to heart attacks.

Increase in stress is attached to an increase in Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and diabetes, all of which impact the heart in one way or another. Worsening lifestyles disrupt the biology of body and brain, inducing a stressed environment. With the amount of money currently being spent on medical treatments, there is a need to resort to cost-effective ways of treatment, one of which Dr Schneider recommends: Yoga and Ayurveda, now scientifically verified in the West, continues to be undervalued in India and there’s a need to change its status.

The BJP government has contributed a lot to the healthcare sector, beginning with the establishment of the AYUSH. Such efforts are commendable. The Integrated Healthcare Programme that Dr Schneider aims to propagate would be extremely beneficial if accepted and adopted as it combined the best of Western medicine with ancient, Ayurvedic practices for a balanced lifestyle.”,


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