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Harvard Business School Alumni, Gurcharan Das talks about Demonetization

While every next person has their own opinion on the Demonetization scheme, but what are the experts saying? Watch as Gurcharan Das, a Harvard Business School alumni, talks about the short term difficulties and long term benefits of the scheme and the uncertainty about the mid term phase. He also discusses alternative methods which could have been used for black money eradication and how printing notes abroad might be a good idea to prevent counterfeit notes. How is the Indian economy going to be affected in the short term and the long run? How important is the positive reception of people for the scheme to work? What is the importance of the Unique ID Aadhar? And, why does gold serve as the ideal medium for hoarding black income as well as how it can be countered? Watch the full interview as Mr. Gurcharan Das answers these questions here


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