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Medicines:An app to digitalize your prescriptions

The owner of Medicians, Manya, speaks to the team of Jan Ki Baat to inform us about her unique venture. Medicians is an online Application that works as a virtual pharmacist for the consumers. Manya’s father is a distributor of medicines and Manya herself has been working in the healthcare sector for a long time. With both the background and the training, Manya started her enterprise to offer the consumers cheaper alternatives for the medicines they desire. All one has to do is upload their prescription on Medicians. Once a digital copy of the prescription is generate, the consumer can search for descriptive information on his/her medicines and even look for less expensive but effective alternatives to the same medicine. Medicians’ motto is: “Get well sooner!”

Tipping Point 1.0 has invited women from diverse field with a business acumen to compete and pitch their ideas. The competition consist of 3 Rounds: Registration and interviews would begin in November 2016, followed by the profiling of the startups and their mentoring all through December and finally concluding with the last phase of Final Pitch Competition, which is to take place in January 2017.

It becomes a stage where business interactions amongst women are encouraged. Emerging women entrepreneurs from all around India may get encouragement and mentorship at the conference.



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