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London Terror Attack, 22nd March 2017

Five people were killed and at-least 40 injured in the terror attack on 22nd March, 2017 including a police officer who was stabbed and his assailant. Britain’s top anti-terror officer Mark Rowley also said police have revised down the number of victims from Wednesday’s rampage to 3.

Attacker Khalid Masood, 52, killed four pedestrians and injured about 50 others as he mowed down members of the public with a car on Westminster Bridge at about 2:40pm on 22nd March.
He then crashed his hired Hyundai SUV into the railings in front of Parliament Yard before bursting through the gate to the Palace of Westminster with two large knives where he fatally stabbed unarmed Pc Keith Palmer, 48.
He was shot dead moments later by a close protection officer attached to Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon.
The attack sent Westminster into lockdown and MPs were forced to stay put in the House of Commons for more than four hours while the area was made safe.
Prime Minister Theresa May had just voted and was standing in members’ lobby with other Tory MPs. She was seen being quickly ushered into a silver Jaguar in the grounds of the Palace of Westminster and whisked away to the safety of Downing Street.

MP Tobias Ellwood was seen with blood on his mouth and clothes as he tried to stem the blood flow by applying pressure to the wound of a policeman after the Westminister attack on 22nd March. The minister who was formely a British Amry officer , tried to save this officer’s life but the policeman died at the scene.

The attack showed all the hallmarks of an “Islamic State type” terror attack. The Britain Prime Minister said any attempt to defeat the British values through violence and terror is doomed to failure. Its time that we as humanity come together and acknowledge that we as humanity come together and acknowledge that terrorism is not about one state or about a group or a religion. Its about people who are against humanity and all the people who want humanity to win, to come together and defeat terrorism.


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