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‘Unite to end TB’: World Tuberculosis Day

24th March is celebrated as the World Tuberculosis day. The objective is to create awareness of the disease such as its causes, prevention and cure with an idea to eradicate it from the world.

The theme of the World Tuberculosis day of the Year 2017 is ‘Unite to End TB’.

Other important thing which we must know about the disease is that nearly 2 million deaths are caused by TB every year. Even though its curable, it kills 5,000 people every other day.

TB is also known to be a ‘poverty disease’ because it affects the most vulnerable such as the poorest and the malnourished disproportionately. TB is contagious and spreads through air and if not treated, each person with active TB infects on an average 10-15 people each year.

TB is a world-wide pandemic though the highest rate per capita are in Africa with 29% of all TB cases and half of all new cases are in 6 asian countries including Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and the Philippines.

Lets hope to usher in a world free from Tuberculosis.


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