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On 11th August 1947, did Balochistan really got independent from Pakistan?

Balochistan covers about 40% of the area of Pakistan and is full of natural resources.

The literacy rate is 37% where nat average is 53%

It produces 34-45% oil but gets only 17%

Government of Pakistan announced on March 18, 1948, the accession of Lasbela, Kharan, and Makkoran which robbed Kalat of more than half of its territory and made access to the sea

It is stated that Balochistan got Independent from British on 11th August 1947 but actually was never under the control of British.

Prior to Independence Balochistan comprised of 4 primary states-Makarna, Lesbela, Kharan and Kalat.

As Pakistan got Independence, within 24 hours, “Khan of Kalat” found Baloch’s House of Commons and House of Lords.

Jinnah proposed that every state must be given choices to align with Hindustan, Pakistan or Independence

Member of House rejected the idea of joining Pakistan.

According to the communique, Balochistan was given independence on 11th August 1947.

By October 1947, Jinnah changed his mind and wanted Kalat to join Pakistan but the state refused.

26th March 1948, Pakistan forced an invasion and captured Kalat.

Human rights violation is still an issue in the region.

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