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क्या हैं गुरदासपुर, मणिपुर और इलाहाबाद के बाद देश के राजनैतिक समीकरण? – Pradip Bhandari

Many citizens reporters of jan ki baat had written to the team to give their take on the recent political situation amidst election result in Gurdaspur, Manipur, and Allahabad University student university elections. Pradip Bhandari, Founder Jan Ki Baat went live to discuss these issues.



Here are the excerpts-



Congress won the Gurdaspur bye poll with more than 1.90 lakh votes. While in Manipur, the ruling party BJP won with  41 out of 60 seats in Zila Parishad. In Allahabad, ABVP lost the President post.


“If you go by the official twitter handle of the Congress party , it can be be found that Gurdaspur bye poll result is a prelude to 2019 general elections”, but before making this conclusion let us remember these three things about Gurdaspur, said Pradip.

  • It has been the Congress bastion since long.
  • Since 1998, BJP had Vinod Khanna. But after his sad demise recently, BJP could not field an equivalent popular face to contest.
  • The “corrupt” SAD  is an allegation which is leveled on SAD( Shiromani Akali Dal), and the allegation has received popular acceptance among the people.

This result is also a reminder  for the BJP to revise its alliance with the fading SAD


“You can view Northeast as a symbol of huge success for the BJP. When the party is getting 41 out of 60 seats in Zila Parishad in Manipur, It is a sign of faith towards the party.”

The BJP is working in North East not for just one tenure, but to continue governing the North- East for atleast a decade by willing popular mandate through public trust.


“It has been a bastion where Caste politics and Muslim votes have played an important role.

  • The “Baaghi”factor plaed a key role. Baaghi – individual who separates from ABVP and fightsindependently or as proxy candidates just before the elections. (Like in DU)
  • Somehow, ABVP needs to improve it’s communication with the students at large.
  • Samajwadi Party’s campaign considered the student university election as a Vidhan Sabha election. This provided momentum and vigor to the campaign.

“BJP is winning Himachal Pradesh elections.”- Pradip Bhandari

To win the 2019 election, BJP needs to improve its tally in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, and Karnataka. These questions should only be asked after analyzing the results of Gujarat elections 2017.

Talking of ‘Acche Din’, Pradip Bhandari says if Acche Din had not arrived it would have been very difficult for the BJP to form government in 18 states.

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