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Candid Conversations With Top 4 Upsc2016 Toppers Exclusive Video Series From North Block.

The team of Jan Ki Baat spoke to the Union Public Services Commission’s 2016 Topper during the initiation ceremony in the North Block. Tina Dabi, whose All India Rank was 1, said that she was overwhelmed by the warm welcome of the administrative officials. The man whose AIR is 2, Atha Aamir ul Shafi Khan, said that a lot of doors had been opened for many once they’re part of the Indian Administrative Services. Jasmeet Singh Sandhu, the 3rd topper across India, humbly said that every job, be it that of a rikshawpuller’s or a student’s, is a service to the nation in one way or another. Atrika Shukla is a medical professional and hopes to serve the public by using the training and knowledge she’d received. Sharanya Ari holds the 7th position nationally and has high hopes of changing the country. Her father says that its important for children to be financially independent and he allowed his daughter to be exactly that. Anurag says his engineering background didn’t give him a disadvantage over the others because he was sure of his vision. The parents of all the toppers were proud of them, each believed in their children’s potential and bright future.

The Indian Administrative Service is the premier administrative civil service of India. IAS officers hold key and strategic positions in the Union Government, States and public-sector undertakings.

These inspirational stories make each of us believe in our potent dreams and remind us of willpower and determination. One change is enough to change the world, after all.


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