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Who will win Delhi University Student Union Elections?

The Delhi University Students Union Elections are in its final campaign phase now. Would this year be a change from the usual past of baseless, unfulfilled promises? The two central parties, Akhil Bhartiya Vidya Parishad, BJP’s student wing and Congress’ National Student Union of India, actually fight for genuine student concerns and actual problems?

DUSU has never been regarded as a politically charged body. Although its major parties are aligned with political parties, they haven’t made any significant change, if the students of the University are to be believed. Campaigning is still a nuisance, conducted in an uncivil manner. The issues find acknowledgement in manifestos but not in practice.

Will this year be a continual of the old, archaic patterns of incumbency? Even apparent issues of infrastructure and management have not been able to find an answer. Specific issues, too, remain untackled. Will this year be the change that the student community imagines of?



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