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Citizens on Uri

The killing and mutilating of Indian soldiers that took place in Uri, shocked the nation with its inherent inhumanness. The team of Jan Ki Baat asks the citizenry for their perspectives on how this issue should be dealt with. Many citizens believed that proper channels of communication should be opened up to have an official conversation about the Kashmir issue. Indian and Pakistani diplomats must pursue their respective leaders to join a peaceful conversation to find a solution for the recurring problems. Others were less forgiving of Pakistan’s crimes- they believed that Pakistan’s blatant refusal to accept any responsibility is a reason enough to use nuclear weaponry: “they must be taught a lesson”, “military intervention is necessary now”, “one has to be Bhagat Singh in order to take revenge”, were some of the common replies from this group.

Militants attacked an Indian Army brigade headquarters in Jammu and Kashmir’s Uri on 18th September, killing 17 soldiers in the most deadly such attack in the northern region of Kashmir in recent years. The attack began at 5.30am in the morning and militants breached the perimeter fence to enter the camp. Four militants were confirmed killed a few hours later, according to an army spokesperson. The attack generated a flood of sympathetic messages from across the globe.

The truth is, while military regimentation is required, so is a political truce, atleast a verbal one. Bloodshed of any kind isn’t appreciated by either side and therefore, we must strategically take a step towards reconciliation, of some kind.


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