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Jan ki Baat on #TrainDelay.

Delays of trains are a common phenomenon in India. The team of Jan Ki Baat makes an effort to understand the cause of such an infamous pattern. A passenger has already said that his train is 16 hours late, causing a problem in his travel schedule. Another too complains that his train is almost a day late; 23 hours delay in trains creates a havoc for the passengers. An enquiry official that that the enquired-upon train would be 23 hours late and when asked about the cause in its delay, he vaguely said, “Must be a technical problem.”

On an average, the Indian passenger train are delayed by 35.03 minutes. Upon searching, we also found that Sikkim Mahananda Express has never once reached on time in its 15 year old stint, which began its run in 1995. Passengers have been suffering because of the Indian Railway system for decades now.

What is the actual problem behind their delay? We’ve found some of them, but can they be rectified if the Railway department refuses to reform the systemic issues? Do we have enough tracks to reduce the delays? Why are most of the officials clueless about the train’s lateness and arrival?


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