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Candid Interview with Prof. Santosh Mehrotra Part II

Akriti Bhatia, the co-founder of Jan Ki Baat, continues the conversation with Professor Santosh Mehrotra to understand how policies can be more effective in ascertaining its benefits on the demographically diverse population. Informal sector’s varied entreprises must be identified and taken into account to create a universally-beneficial scheme. This is an issue that the Professor’s book, ‘Realizing the Demographic Divident: Policies to Achieve Inclusive Growth in India’, too, addresses. Rikshaw pullers, construction workers, daily labourers and mane other members of the informal sector must be registered, their names being made into a list, to be kept as a record. Professor Mehrotra also speaks about the inspiration of Amartya Sen on his ideologies and approach.

India’s chances of increasing its growth levels are higher than many other countries. With a consistent growth, India can achieve much more. It’s already been recognized as an emerging global economy. Service segment’s growth is dependent on modern services like the one Professor Mehrotra spoke of. With proposals and suggestions similar to Professor Mehrotra’s, change is possible.

Planning Commission of India works on the ground to grasp the tangible realities, something that Professor Mehrotra is proud of. India must think and encourage the business of strategic planning, policy making, in order to avoid volatility in its growth levels.


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