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Candid Interview with Prof. Santosh Mehrotra Part I

Professor Santosh Mehrotra spoke to the Founder of Jan Ki Baat, Pradip Bhandari, to explain the idea behind his book, ‘Realizing the Demographic Divident: Policies to Achieve Inclusive Growth in India’, and the underlying significance of the issue his text deals with. India’s chances to becoming a richer economy are greater than becoming an aging on: for the next 25 years, India isn’t going to become and aging society. However, the Professor adds, to become a richer society, many sectors have to be boosted and revamped: manufacturing has to grow and so does banking, insurance, pensions, telecommunications and even aviation sector. Existing programmes can be re-formulated for generating the maximal level of effect. This extension would, in turn, then, help reduce the unemployment level and increase investments.

India’s chances of increasing its growth levels are higher than many other countries. With a consistent growth, India can achieve much more. It’s already been recognized as an emerging global economy. Service segment’s growth is dependent on modern services like the one Professor Mehrotra spoke of. With proposals and suggestions similar to Professor Mehrotra’s, change is possible.

Planning Commission of India works on the ground to grasp the tangible realities, something that Professor Mehrotra is proud of. India must think and encourage the business of strategic planning, policy making, in order to avoid volatility in its growth levels.


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