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Durga Pooja in CR Park Delhi

In Hindu mythology, it is said that Mahishasura, a demon, after years of worship and penance finally got the opportunity to request Brahma of a boon. The boon was that no man- human or a deity will be able to kill him. After this boon, Mahishasura swelled with pride and being invincible, he took disadvantage of his powers and started spreading terror and damage. He transformed into a strong and unbeatable buffalo demon and had killed thousands of innocent people. He soon started attacking Gods as well. To put an end to this, the three most important deities of Vishnu, Shankar and even Brahma with other Gods combined all their power and energies to give birth to Durga. Durga has ten hands an each of her hands is a representation of the power she has and it is with these powers that Durga killed Mahishasura. The Durga puja is celebrated in memory of the goddess’ powers and the victory of good over evil.

Jan Ki Baat covers this year’s Durga Puja celebrations in Delhi’s Chittaranjan Park, one of the top pandals in the city.

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