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Naela Quadri Baluch on Jan Ki Baat Part – 1

The interview is about:

Pradip Bhandari and Akriti Bhatia, Founder and co-founder of Jan Ki Baat speak to Naela Quadri Baloch, a face of the independent Balochistan movement and the President of World Baloch Women’s Forum, about the state of her country and future opportunities for its residents. Baloch compares Pakistan’s treatment of the Baloch people with that of Jews under Nazi regime, hinting at the extent of atrocities being committed on the civil population: indiscriminate killings of humans and animals alike, existence of rape cells, burning of newborns are just a few examples. Baloch appeals to the Indian government to form a Baloch government in exile, similar to what India offered Tibet and Bangladesh.

Balochistan Freedom Movement(BFM) wishes to establish and independent Baloch government in exile with the support of neighbouring, SAARC countries. Balochistan’s annexation by Pakistan was accompanied by military tortures and other such crimes amounting to human rights violation. The country continue to resist Pakistani rule and aims to establish its independent, sovereign government. This 69 year old struggle has witnessed mass disappearances, the count, as of now, is close to 30 thousand.

Independence is both a right and the destiny for the citizens of Balochistan. India’s intervention on behalf of the Baloch people had an overt presence when Modi indicted Pakistan for its role in the Baloch situation.


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