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Madan Chawla, Delegate and Entrepreneur talks about Intellectual Property Rights

The interview is about:

Madan Chawla, a Delegate and Entrepreneur, spoke to Akriti Bhatia, co-founder of Jan Ki Baat during the National Symposium on IPR for SMEs and Startups about the benefits of such a conference. Chawla commended the informative nature of the event for new entrepreneurs like himself. The introductions of new concepts like ZED and IPR offers a lot to audience, in terms of both knowledge and guidance.

The Symposium witnessed sharing of knowledge, technological and legal, on a massive scale, from a diverse group of invitees. It became a forum for discussion on IPR and linked topics, ZED etc. Announced by the government on 18th October 2016, The ZED was set up to encourage startups to create products that have zero defect in their body and zero effect on the environment.

Upcoming entrepreneurs and emerging startups have a lot to benefit from such discussions as they’re meant to create future leaders, leading companies that are busy creating relevant, unique products to solve everyday issues.


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