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Pooja Rai from Anthill Creations for her unique venture at the TippingPoint 1.0

Pooja Rai, the brains behind Anthill Creations, is one of the 25 finalists of Tipping Point 1.0. Her company utilizes scraps and transforms them to create sustainable landscapes. The reformation of Indian Education sector is one of Anthill Creations’ aims; their team creates low-cost playgrounds from recycled tires and scraps, to emphasize on the need to un-confine education. Classrooms are as much educational spaces as playgrounds and learning doesn’t have to be a cerebral activity all the time. Contributing to a greener ecosystem and the education of children is the dual strategy of the company.

A space for emerging young women entrepreneurs, Tipping Point attempts to bring to light the best of women entrepreneurs that India has. It is a platform for women to meet up, pave the way for an intellectually stimulating discussion, which, in turn, would act as virtual guidance for future businesswomen.


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