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Rashika Jindal from Saffron Craft for her unique venture at the TippingPoint 1.0

Rashika Jindal, the woman behind Saffron Craft, an e-commerce platform, attempts to bring ethnic designs and styles back in trend. Jindal says that her site tries to curate styles that are otherwise not commonly available for women; it contains rare finds that usually can’t be spotted in bazaars. The e-commerce site also offers a unique feature: a Virtual Trial Room, a one of a kind feature that guarantees the customers a unique experience.

There has been a boom in the e-commerce industry in the past couple of years. However, there exists a wide gap between male and female entrepreneurs. According to the Global Entrepreneurial Development Institute’s 2015 findings regarding the female entrepreneurial index, India ranks 70 out of the 77 countries that the survey covers. Jindal and her contemporaries, hint at the changing future of India, both in social and economic terms.


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