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Pragati Chauhan from DSD Infosec for her unique venture at the TippingPoint 1.0

Pragati Chauhan, from DSD Infosec, presented her ideas at the Conference for Emerging Young Women Entrepreneurs. One of the finalists, Chauhan observed that technology, as a field, doesn’t witness many women participants, something that she hopes to overturn. Attempting to provide security in cases of cybercrimes and related issues, Chauhan’s idea tries to combine the best of the available technology with her bonafide business skills. Bulletproof cyber-security is becoming one of the probable solution to controversial issues, with the world documenting increased instances of cyber-theft and cyber-bullying etc. Chauhan thanks the support system she was lucky to have, saying her parents encouraged her work in this field.

Certain areas of work are still considered to be male-only zones, a stereotype that acts as an obstacle for women interested in these fields. Women like Chauhan are encouraged to continue their research and scholarly work, at Tipping Point 1.0. The competition is organized by Global Women’s Network, an organization whose motto is “for women, by women”, and KarmaCircle that’s out to provide the best of business mentorships.


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