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Bhavya Goel from AEOM Couture for her unique venture at the TippingPoint

Bhavya Goel, the CEO and Founder of AEOM Couture spoke to jan Ki Baat about Tipping Point 1.0 and her enterprise. AEOM, abbreviated for ‘All Eyes on Me’, is a platform for fashion enthusiasts who rate comfort over style. Goel, a Chartered Accountant by profession, has previously worked at KPMG. She applied the consultancy skills she had acquired through her professional experience to set up a business which, thematically, is close to her heart. AEOM Couture is the go-to place for customized outfits. After conducting a bunch of surveys, Goel and her team found out the common issues women face while buying clothes. Her business personalizes the fabric and design in accordance with the consumer’s desires, promoting the ideal of a comfortable style.

Tipping Point 1.0 is a stage for young women entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas. It becomes a location for women to encourage entrepreneurial behaviour amongst themselves and thereby, close the vast gap that exists between male and female entrepreneurs.


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