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Avica Bedi from Campus Drift for her unique venture at the TippingPoint 1.0

Avica Bedi, the creator of Campus Drift, spoke to Jan Ki Baat, during Tipping Point. Bedi has established a college media organization that generates relevant content for students all over the country. Campus Drift has originally begun its work in Delhi, with the University of Delhi, Indraprastha University and Amity University, being the first 3 universities whose students were active members of the site. It has now expanded its business to Mumbai and hopes to spread itself to other cities, soon. According to Bedi, Campus Drift is a “one-stop shop” for all things related to college life, supplying adequate space to the students’ concerns. The site aims to create a bigger college that exists outside individual colleges, capturing student solidarity.

Tipping Point 1.0 has invited women from diverse fields with a business acumen to compete and pitch their ideas. The competition consist of 3 Rounds: Registration and interviews would begin in November 2016, followed by the profiling of the startups and their mentoring all through December and finally concluding with the last phase of Final Pitch Competition, which is to take place in January 2017. It becomes a stage where business interactions amongst women are encouraged.


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