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Shweta Singh, Founder EnnobleIP talks about Intellectual Property Rights

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Shweta Singh, the Founder of EnnobleIP, is interviewed by Akriti Bhatia, the Co-Founder of Jan Ki Baat about the idea of IPR for small and medium-sized enterprises and startups. Singh believes that the lack of awareness amongst SMEs and the corresponding absence of proper guidance to the start-ups is something that can be tacked with the help of IPR. Domestic innovations and inventors lose out when they miss out on getting a patent for their products or end up with foreign companies gaining their ownership rights. Singh cites this unawareness about patenting as the reason which “stop(s) us from making our innovations”.

The National Symposium on IPR for SMEs and Startups, held in December 2016, provided a platform for various stakeholders to join the discussion on Intellectual Property Rights, a relatively new economic and legal concept in India. Getting ownership rights over intellectual property is pertinent for entrepreneurs and creators in order to protect their unique ideas.

The current environment’s being favourable to the startup culture has led to a debate about associated topics, IPR being one of them. The contribution of public policies and facilities to private ideas and products requires an in-depth discussion, a goal that the Conference attempted to fulfil.


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