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Rukmini Viash from CollorFolk for her unique venture at the TippingPoint 0.1

Rukmini Viash, the brains behind CollarFolk, is interviewed by the Founder of Jan Ki Baat, Pradip Bhandari. Her enterprise aims to appeal to the sensibility of pet lovers, generating friendliness and community and forming a network of these pet-lovers. The large gap that exists in this network because of one single issue: some pet-lovers are actually able to become owners whereas others cannot. CollarFolk hopes to address this gap through its designs; specially created pets related merchandise is made available by their team.

Tipping Point 1.0 has invited women from diverse field with a business acumen to compete and pitch their ideas. The competition consist of 3 Rounds: Registration and interviews would begin in November 2016, followed by the profiling of the startups and their mentoring all through December and finally concluding with the last phase of Final Pitch Competition, which is to take place in January 2017.

A space for emerging young women entrepreneurs, Tipping Point attempts to bring to light the best of women entrepreneurs that India has. It is a platform for women to meet up, pave the way for an intellectually stimulating discussion, which, in turn, would act as virtual guidance for future businesswomen.


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