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Keshav Ramleela Committee gears up for Ramlila!

Ramlila is any dramatic folk re-enactment of the life of Rama according to the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana or secondary literature based on it such as the Ramcharitmanas. It particularly refers to the thousands of Hindu god Rama-related dramatic plays and dance events, that are staged during the annual autumn festival of Navratri in India. The New Delhi Shri Keshav Ramleela Committee helds a conference to discuss about the preparations of the upcoming Ramlila.

Ashok Goel in his interview with Akriti Bhatia says to Jan Ki Baat, “Lord Ram had dreamt of Ram-rajya during his time. He had dreamt of a place where equality resides, where there is equality among the rich, poor and the deprived. His dream of a Ram-Rajya is still relevant today. Today when there is an atmosphere of violence and people are running after money, we should put an effort to go back to the epics.”

How to ensure that Ramlila remains integral to the youth today? “We have made an attempt to make Ramlila modern. There is less participation of the youth in religious programs. Keshav Ramlila Committee has made use of technology to attract a wider audience”, said Mr.Goel.

The Ramlila preparations start 4 months in advance. It has the hardwork of more than 150 people and 35 departments. Meetings are called upon to decide about the it. So what is special about Keshav Ramlila Committee? “It doesn’t just organise it but also do social service by distributing things to the poor one day. We organise medical camps and pay repect to the wives of the martyrs who died in different wars. In the camp, we give spectacles, hearing aids, preventives and medicines to the poor” said Ashok Goel.

The Ramlila will hence be celebrated this October. The preparations are being done. Jan Ki Baat encourages youth to come participate and witness it and be a part of the celebrations.

By Pradip Bhandari.


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