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Facebook Post Alleges Ragging After Assam Valley Student Lands In ICU; School Covers Up Incident

A class VII student of Assam Valley School in Sonitpur district, Namish Ganeriwal became a victim of the mania when family members filed a police complaint against school authorities after their ward was allegedly beaten up by senior students of the school last week.

The school authorities in a press statement said, ‘The boys have been friends for over a year and usually engaged in friendly jokes and mischief. On July 6, one of them after watching WWF tried a ‘neck lock’ (a wrestling move). Though the other boy was told to tap the hand if he felt uncomfortable, the pressure exerted was high, leading to Namish dropping on the floor and injuring his jaw.

Source: G Plus

Speaking to Guwahati Plus, Mrinal Ganeriwal said, “My son was beaten up by other students in the hostel. It clearly shows the laxity of school authorities in maintaining the safety of students.”

The teenager from Assam is currently in the ICU and has undergone a Jaw Surgery at Nemcare Hospital. According to the Facebook post, the school covered up the story and said that the boy had fallen from the stairs and sustained minor injuries.

Here’s the full text from her Facebook post:

My thirteen year old nephew Namish Ganeriwal, studying in Class VII of Assam Valley School was brutally assaulted by two senior students, Abhigyan Narayan & Kumanam Gyamar (Son of Gyamar Tachung, Deputy Director, Govt Arunachal Pradesh) on 6th July 2017 to such an extent that he has undergone a Jaw Surgery at Nemcare Hospital, Bhangagarh today afternoon and two Titanium Plates has been inserted in his jaw. All his dentures are shaky at present and the surgeon has already removed a couple of teeth. The surgeon has further said that he will be unable to speak or chew food for the next one month and the entire treatment of his jaw (along with dentures) may take more than a year and half. He is currently in the ICU.

She also alleges the school of gross misappropriation of facts and willingly keeping the family of the victim in the dark about the details of the said issue.

The Assam Valley School informed us on 6th July that my nephew had slipped and sustained a very small injury. The fact that it was not an accident but physical assault by his two seniors was kept hidden by us. Not only this, The DHM (Deputy Head Master) of the school in defending the culprits stated that it is a small injury sustained by my nephew.

The truth was only revealed to us on 7th July evening over phone call very discreetly by a school teacher who carries a personal admiration for my nephew. There has been no official information about this incident from the school.

The school, has not taken any action yet against the culprits and has been showing no concern towards the innocent victim.

She also requested the concerned authorities to take up the matter seriously.

We request you to kindly intervene in this matter & report it to concerned authorities, as it is a serious offence. Not only did they hide the incident, they have left no stone unturned in ridiculing this serious matter. Their complete silence on this matter raises an alarm for the security of all the students studying there.

The aunt is extremely outraged at the entire incident as her young nephew is extremely serious and the doctors have already said that the little boy will not be able to chew any food for at least a month. The Facebook post has gone viral, and people have been asking for an explanation on this issue.

The Facebook post also said that the young boy had lost many teeth and his entire treatment of the jaw may take more than a year and a half.

H/T – Guwahati Plus

By Supriyo Mukherjee.


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