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CBI inquiry needed on Kerala political murders of RSS workers: Pradip Bhandari

Pradip Bhandari, Founder and CEO, Jan Ki Baat discusses the killings of RSS workers in Kannur, Kerela with Akriti Bhatia, Founding Partner, Jan Ki Baat.

This all started not a while ago but has been going on since many years. The case was first put up by BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi and covered by ‘Aahuti’ magazine, a publication dedicated to political violence in Kerala allegedly by the ruling government of CPIM.

 RSS Workers in Kerala are killed on the basis of having a different ideology.
This started with the murder of Vadikal Krishan who was from the very same constituency as the CM of Kerala.

Many families have lost their sole earner while some of them are left hopeless by chopping their hands off. The level of atrocities is hard to explain.
A while ago we were all aggressive on the fact that people are killed on a mere doubt of keeping or consuming beef. When an innocent person is killed, where does all our sympathy goes?
When the CM of Kerela is questioned, he denies and says that it is the propaganda of RSS. But Jan Ki Baat investigated and found that this is not propaganda.
As per the constitution, the investigation lies in the hands of the state government.

Can BJP then impose article 352 i.e. Emergency?

 Supreme Court has laid many guidelines on it wherein Art. 352 can be imposed only in very serious cases.

To get results, Kerela government must hand over the probe to CBI if the CM says that this is all propaganda.
“What is your take on the CPM Jihadi terror in Kerela? Can this be called state sponsored murders?”
RSS has given their statement that if any such thing has been done from their side, they condemn it and they will follow the law.
Many Keralites were found to have allegedly joined ISIS and so even this has to be investigated.

 This will be further debated and discussed. You can expect from Jan Ki Baat, the truth, the voice of the youth.
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