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Students at ‘The Ardee School’ are all set for a cracker-free Diwali

Jan Ki Baat, Founder and CEO, Pradip Bhandari presented yet another episode in the ‘My Right to Breathe’ campaign where students from The Ardee School, New Delhi urged the citizens of Delhi to enjoy a cracker-free eco-friendly Diwali this year.

This is the third episode in the series where the first episode covered students from Bloom Public School and Second from Khushii Sikshantra Vidyalaya.
“We have a thing in mind that Diwali is equal to crackers. There was a Gas Chamber at the time of Hitler and today also, we have it”- Shubh, holding a poster in his hands saying ‘No’ to fire crackers.

“Somehow we are promoting Child labour as there are children in many cracker manufacturing factories”- Alia.
The children had a very creative way of motivating the people to avoid crackers.

Many of them prepared posters with catchy lines like ‘This Diwali burn your ego and not crackers’.
“We burn crackers and the city gets polluted. There are other ways to celebrate. It’s better to buy clothes and go for dinner with family.”
“There should be complete ban of fire crackers.”- Abdullah

“Crackers affect both human and animal lives. So, they should be banned.”
Say yes to life and no to crackers.
There are more than 125 billion people in India. So the intensity of pollution would be high.
There should be a complete ban on crackers.
Avoid too much of sound, celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali, they asserted.
Diwali is a festival to celebrate happiness. Burning crackers affects lives and also, it harms others’ right to breathe.
Last year Delhi was not less than a ground of smoke. Many people were affected due to the smoke.

Jan Ki Baat and #MyRightToBreathe along with all the students of Delhi appeals to all the viewers and followers to enjoy this Diwali without crackers.
Stay tuned to Jan Ki Baat for more.


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