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क्यों लक्ष्मी को जलाते हो? पटाके छोड़ो दीये जलाओ: Baba Ramdev

क्यों लक्ष्मी को जलाते हो? पटाके छोड़ो दीये जलाओ LEAVE CRACKERS, LIGHT A DIYA says Baba Ramdev
My Right to Breathe’, a campaign initiated so as to bring awareness amongst the people to celebrate a cracker free Diwali. The action was taken as a response to rising air pollution in Delhi.
Baba Ramdev, Yog Guru and Founder of Patanjali Udyog, shared his message of celebrating an eco friendly Diwali supporting the ‘My Right to Breathe’ campaign.

The key points of his message were-
• Diwali is not the festival of crackers but festival of lights, avoid increasing pollution by bursting crackers.
• Light Diyas, and share happiness with your loved ones.
• Do not waste your money in buying crackers.
• Make it a festival of joy and peace.
Yog Guru, Baba Ramdev shared the message of love and peace with his followers.
The campaign is not merely to upload and share videos but to actively participate and motivate others to join the movement to enjoy a cracker less Diwali.
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