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Grow Corona Grow’ — Tiktokers say

Akshita Tiwari, Jan ki baat

Tik-Tok, the recent addition to the social bubble, is a wide aspect of this virtual hypnotizing circuit. Holding a total of 119 million active users just in India depicts the speculations about the vulnerability of a content.
Social media platforms that are exclusively running as per the purposes of entertainment have now evolved as inherent influencers. Though the investment of content on social media is subjective to the choice of an individual, the web traffic diverts to both the directions of the road. No authentic verification about the content of the speech raises one’s concern over -visual persuasion. In critical times like these, when the world is fighting against pandemic breakout hate speeches and circulation of rumors, they can be as toxic as the disease. Tik-Tok has been the host of such parasitic content, for instance, the girl in the picture is trying to lick the toilet seat, claiming it to be safe and employing the masses to take up the challenge. Another video urges people to hug each other when the world halts on red alerts of social distancing, this video was flavored with communal adhesive claiming the inefficiency of coronavirus to be affecting a particular community. A similar claim was made by another Tik-Tok influencer that alleges Indian latitudes to be in one amongst the most suitable climatic zones and hence makes us least probable of catching viral infections. These misleading manipulators have been magnetic enough in the past, the persistence of such foul content creators can pester the spread of this deadly disease for a longer period. Though content correlated with Corona awareness program by organizations like U.N. has been well catered on Tik-Tok. Studying both the perspectives of contemporary content creation educates us to grow our ability to differentiate between genuine and fraudulent.

Sombir Sharma
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