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Decoding the Coronavirus spread in Indore

By Mukul Sharma and Priyam Shukla, JanKiBaat

The visuals of Health workers being brutally attacked by an unruly mob recently in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore shocked the senses of the nation fighting a fierce battle against novel Coronavirus pandemic. The latest figures of COVID-19 infection have upped the mark by 113 in Indore alone with five fatalities in total, at the moment of drafting this article. In contrast, the capital Bhopal has recorded just nine cases and zero fatalities – given the strict enforcement of lockdown which capped the infection in the city. Here in Indore, the Health administration is on its toes, and Indorians in general are anxious about the sequence-of-events which are being anticipated for the city’s immediate future.

“Because of the careless actions of a few from a certain community – the lockdown which might end for the rest on 14th might extend for us,” Sanyam Jain, a businessman based in Indore told Jan Ki Baat, pointing towards the steep exponential rise in the number of coronavirus cases in the city which is leading to such precautionary-albeit-anxious anticipation – whose pragmatism is testified by the strict lockdown measures being carried out in the city which culinary enthusiasts love to regard as”Poha-Jalebi wala shehar”on normal days.

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