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‘Women aren’t just participants in Indian democracy, they are active stakeholders’

Pradeep Bhandari Highlights the Power of Indian Women Voters in London Conversation

In a recent event organized by Friends of Indian Society International (FISI), UK, the event “Depth of Indian Democracy” took center stage, with journalist, psephologist and founder of JAN KI BAAT – Pradeep Bhandari shedding light on the extraordinary strength of women voters in India. Among the many intriguing facets of Indian democracy discussed, one key highlight made by Pradeep Bhandari was the growing influence of women’s voices in the Indian democratic system.

Pradeep Bhandari emphasized the transformative role of women voters with these powerful insights. Here are key excerpts from his talk:

1. “Women voters in India have transcended mere participation. They’ve become active stakeholders in shaping the nation’s destiny. Their choices are driven by issues, not just individuals.”

2. “Indian women are not influenced by patriarchal notions anymore. They are agents of change, focusing on the candidate’s work, not their gender.”

3. “The inclusivity in Indian Parliament is a reflection of women’s growing influence. It’s no longer a ‘man’s world.’ It’s a world where women are pushing the boundaries.”

4. “Women voters are the guardians of accountability in Indian politics. They reward performance and demand action, which is a fundamental shift in our democracy.”

The London conversation, filled with these enlightening insights, reminded the Indian-British audience of India’s democratic strength, which serves as a vibrant example for the world to learn from.

The event was a gathering of the Indian diaspora in the UK, attended by prominent figures, and skillfully guided by the FISI Executive Members. It was a testament to the enduring spirit of Indian democracy and the crucial role of women voters in shaping its future. Pradeep Bhandari’s emphasis on their power was a notable highlight of the conversation and a reminder of the evolving face of Indian politics.


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