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How Passengers Suffered On Jet Airways Flight 9W-0792 From Indore To Delhi?

Jan Ki Baat’s Founder Pradip Bhandari spoke to some of the commuters of Jet Airways’ Flight 9W0792 which flies to and fro from Indore and Delhi. Mr Karunesh Gupta, a co-communer of BJP’s Jammu and Kashmir cell, told Jan Ki Baat the apathetic treatment of the flight crew: lunch was included in the flight cost and yet was not provided and when the people asked for feedback forms and complaint books, even those were not provided by the crew. The price hike in the tickets of Jet Airways starts from 3000 rupees to as far as 25,000 rupees and even with such hiked-up prices, basic facilities were refused. Mr Gupta also said that Jet Airways very likely has chances of ending up like Kingfisher Airlines unless such errors are rectified. Language, too, was another issue; many of the travellers didn’t speak English and the crew was intent on using English as its medium of communication, opening up spaces for miscommunication.

Such an insensitive crew of this specific Jet Airways flight caused a bunch of grievances for the travellers. Public inconvenience is one of the major tasks for the cabin crew to solve but Jet Airways’ poor services are soon become a cause of encouraging this kind of inconvenient behaviour.

Whether the flight attendants deliberately intended to cause inconvenience to the commuters or was it a genuine error, is a mystery. Jan Ki Baat hopes that the concerned authorities address these complaints as soon as possible.


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