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Citizens perspectives on the Grand Launch of #RelianceJio

The telecommunications branch of Reliance Industries would soon launch as Reliance Jio, with 4G services and many other benefits. With massive promotions around the brand and its soon-to-be launch, the team of Jan Ki Baat tries to get the public’s response to Jio. Many of whom were interviewed were extremely enthusiastic about Jio’s arrival in the telecom market. With services like free voice-calling and zero roaming charges, Jio’s penned down as a gamechanger, both in the infotech sector and the telecom one. Those who were skeptic had valid reasons of their own, too: rates, schemes and affordability would ultimately judge Jio’s power; blindly trusting Jio would be foolish; Jio’s not compatible with many smartphones. The tariff, post the first 3 months, is actually not known and Jio’s SIM actually required a different model for its to work smoothly.

Mukesh Ambabi, the chairperson of Reliance Industries, would enter the telecom world with his Jio, a network that’s imagined to be one which would change the future of data services in India. Customers would be paying, after the 3 month free period, only for data as voice-calling would be made free. With many other appealing schemes, it has been touted as a strong competition for the existing networks

Jio, if it works, would actually be a mini-IT revolution and would change the public perception of the idea of cellular network. Reliance, has roped in many celebrities to vouch for Jio. Would it pay off?


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