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Story of an Indian woman survivor at the Brussels’s Airport Attack and the apathy of the Indian Embassy Officials

An Indian survivor narrates her story to the viewers of Jan Ki Baat to bring to light the apathetic attitude of the Indian embassy officials in Brussels. After the airport was vacated by the security officials of Brussels, the lady tried to contact to Indian embassy in the city. The official at the Indian embassy responded, only to say that it’s was the airlines’ responsibility. The failure to help a fellow Indian struck a blow. The survivor was shocked at the Indian embassy’s insensitiveness. Calling their response careless and apathetic, she has decided to let others know of the treatment she received.

Twin blasts struck in an airport and a metro station in Brussels on 22nd March. The main terminal of Zaventem International Airport, located in the north-east part of the city, was bombed along with the Maelbeek metro station at the heart of the city. The bombers belonged to Islamic State; 3 of the 5 bombers are already declared dead. 32 people have died in the two blasts. 17 of the deceased were Belgian nationals while the others were of foreign descent. The authorities would soon take action.

The apathy with which an Indian citizen’s problem was addressed must be questioned. Is it not the embassy’s responsibility to help its native citizens? Instead of calmly addressing her issues, they chose to absolve themselves of all duty. Is this what officials are trained to do?


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