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First ever Campus Show!!!

Jan Ki Baat’s programme MyBaatClub was covered by Guneet, Shaily and Pallavi from Bhagvi Nivedita College. The thematic concern being addressed was the potency and meaning of the word ‘no’, especially in the background of an increasing number of rapes, molestations and other non-consensual sexual advances. ‘No’ is a sentence in itself; it is the beginning and the end of a statement and has one simple, very understandable meaning: No. Any explanation, by any party, beyond this sentence, is not justifiable.

The National Crime Record Bureau’s 2015 Report states that in 95% of rape/molestation cases, the offender is known to the victim. This year, it recorded 16,966 cases of offenses against women involving women of 18-29 age group. The Times of India founded that 3 lakh women were kidnapped, raped, molested, even killed.

Sexual violence has always been treated as a light issue by the Indian leaders. Such ignorance has been a serious obstacle in the project of women empowerment. The challenge that India faces now is crucial: is “boys will be boys” a justification enough for the crimes perpetrated against women?


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