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Naela Qadri Baluch on Jan Ki Baat Part – 3

Part 3 of the Interview is about:

When asked about the silence of Pakistan’s human rights activists and organizations, Baloch regarded this silence as a marker of them being complicit and claimed that Pakistan does not have a civil society. She acknowledged that there still are people, albeit few, whose support of the Baloch Movement has resulted in their murders or imprisonment. 40-50 journalists have already been slain for their work. She believes that Pakistan is a “black hole” for journalists and those with pens and cameras as their writings and photographs amount to threat for the Pakistan regime.

The fear of exposure corresponds with Pakistan’s persistent denial of the atrocities being inflicted by them. Balochistan’s existence under the martial law has only doubled its resistance and ignited its hope for freedom and sovereignty. Baloch thanks the Balochi ambassadors that are lobbying for their country’s interests and bringing the political situation that Balochistan’s stuck in to the forefront. International exposure has helped their cause, raising important arguments in their favour.

Balochistan continues to approach other neighbouring nations for their help, financial or otherwise. Quadri Baloch has appealed to India for setting up a government in exile for Balochistan, following the Modi government’s verbal support of the Baloch Freedom Movement.


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