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This Diwali Let’s Make In India!!

Diwali 2016 should be encapsulate the social spirit of the nation. Jan Ki Baat attempts to infuse this year’s Diwali with the Make in India initiative launched by the PM, Narendra Modi. In the process, the team of Jan Ki Baat, found out a lot of transformative acts already taking place within the Indian economy. A number of shopkeepers that we spoke to had already responded to the PM’s clarion call for Make in India. Commodities that are manufactured in India are the first priority of the customers nowadays, a shop-owner confesses. Customers now are very quick to check the manufactured-in section of the product. This campaign has multiple benefits, the most important one being a boost to the local economy and local companies. It also would mean that Indian businessmen would act more efficiently in their production.

The Make in India campaign was launched by the PM in September 2014 as a major component of his nation-building project. It aims to identify and acknowledge the business acumen and creative potential within the Indian community and give it a much needed push, part of the plan for a developed India. This would also reduce the unemployment crisis and cultivate a skilled set of individuals adept at creative thinking. Between 2014 and 2015, the government has received 1.20 lakh crore in proposals from interested companies from the electronics sector.

Goods worth 3000 crores are imported from China every year, during Diwali, a Report from the Times of India claims. A recent report by indiatimes.com says that after the call for boycott of Chinese items, there has been 60% fall in imports from China.


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