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Ravan comes to torture Seeta Maa

Diwali is celebrated all over world. Different cultures celebrate this day in their own ways and traditions. The only thing common is the date on which it is celebrated i.e. the 20th day after Vijaya Dashmi. Hindus celebrate this because Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya on this day after 14 years, some other Hindus celebrate it because on this day the Pandavas returned to Hastinapur after their exile of 12+1 years.

Ramlila, literally “Rama’s play”, is a performance of then Ramayana epic in a series of scenes that include song, narration, recital and dialogue. This staging of the Ramayana is based on the Ramacharitmanas, one of the most popular storytelling forms in the north of the country. This sacred text devoted to the glory of Rama, the hero of the Ramayana, was composed by Tulsidas in the sixteenth century in a form of Hindi in order to make the Sanskrit epic available to all. The majority of the Ramlilas recount episodes from the Ramacharitmanas through a series of performances lasting ten to twelve days, but some, such as Ramnagar’s, may last an entire month.

Jan Ki Baat wishes everyone a happy Dusshehra!


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