Voice Of The People

Chandigarh Police In Action

A concerned and responsible citizen, who identifies himself as Robin Hood, helps the viewers of Jan Ki Baat understand the notion of fearless, strong work-ethics. The Chandigarh traffic police in the video is imposing penalty on an official government vehicle for wrongful parking: “Imposing challans on a blue-light vehicle is a sign of their duty-bounded nature.” The marginal ends of the road is secured for the one/two wheeler vehicles. The said official vehicle was parked in this cycle-track causing problems for them, space-wise as well as safety-wise. The Chandigrah police’s willingness to overlook the authorial symbol of the motorized vehicle in order to ensure maximum security for those the track is conserved for, bears testimony of not only their protective spirit but also their fearlessness: “this truly is empowerment” says Robin Hood.


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