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Tipping Point for Women Entrepreneurs

Akriti Bhatia interviews the brains behind Tipping Point 1.0, a conference for emerging women entrepreneurs. Tipping Point 1.0 has invited women from diverse field with a business acumen to compete and pitch their ideas. The competition consist of 3 Rounds: Registration and interviews would begin in November 2016, followed by the profiling of the startups and their mentoring all through December and finally concluding with the last phase of Final Pitch Competition, which is to take place in January 2017. It becomes a stage where business interactions amongst women are encouraged.

Karma Circles’s Head Deepak Goyal is the organizer of the conference, in association with Global Women’s Network’s Dr. Prerna Taneja and Ms. Neha Lal. Both of them converse with Akriti Bhatia to enlighten us about the development of such a programme. Karma Circles helps the participants acquire appropriate peers, prvoding day-long, one-on-one sessions with their mentors. These mentors are not just from India, but Chicago, Hong Kong, Silicon Valley, making Tipping Point 1.0 a truly global platform. Global Women’s Network, too, tries to combine the needs of funding and mentoring that startups are in dire need of. Identifying the drive in these women intellectuals and carving a path for them to tread on, is the noble aim of Tipping Point 1.0.

Women empowerment, in the most fundamental sense, is about independence, something that both these organizations hope to spread awareness about. Therefore it comes as no surprise when several participants rain praises down the workshop and its creators.


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