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From Mann Ki Baat to Jan Ki Baat on demonetization:JanJanKiBaat22

Pradip Bhandari and the team of Jan Ki Baat speak to a few people to grasp the sentiments of the common men to understand the development scenario in Delhi. The Delhi Chief Minister’s incumbency has been an active point of debate amongst many. Arvind Kejriwal, for these men, has been of zero help which is ironic since his voter-base is primarily comprised of auto-wallahs and the other members of the working class, whom Kejriwal popularly calls the aam aadmi. Kejriwal’s promises of building new auto-stands to create legitimate parking space, to weed out corrupt officials, to provide health insurance for the auto-wallahs, all remain unfulfilled. With almost nil contribution to the welfare of these individuals, more than a year later, these auto-drivers question the CM’s capacity to make promises.

Kejriwal’s tryst with autowallah community has been a long one now. He took up the cause of the community when the Central government allegedly okay-ed certain discriminatory provisions in the Central Motor Vehicles Act. Kejriwal in latter part of the year was slapped by an autowallah at Sultanpuri, an incident that went viral on social media.

The connection between the two goes back to Kejriwal in his pre-CM days. Recent controversies and discontent of the autowallahs remain unaddressed. Hopefully, the CM would be able to peacefully have a discussion with the community.


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