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From Mann Ki Baat to Jan Ki Baat on demonetization: JanJanKiBaat23

Demonetization had become a bane in the existence of the common men and women, proving its alignment with the interests of the rich; Pradip Bhandari and the team of Jan Ki Baat go out to explore this popular sentiment. Citing the effects of demonetization as “an everyday, repetitive problem”, people struggle to meet their work deadlines. Posters and sloganeering against PM Modi was witnessed at the Kejriwal rally organized to protest against demonetization. A man’s poster makes his opinion for everyone to see; this specific poster hints at the link between PM Modi and Indian business tycoons, implying the possibility of a case of vested interests.

The night of 8th November proved itself to be a surprise for the whole of India, with PM Narendra Modi announcing his government’s issuance of a ban on two of the highest denomination Notes. The move, designed to delete the existence of black money and black economy, couldn’t have been discussed as secrecy and confidentiality were required. The decision, for it hopes to fulfil, has met with sharp criticism from various segments of the society.

Concerns that people have voiced reflect the lack of planning in the demonetization policy- whether they’re temporary, as the government and RBI repeatedly assure us, or long-term, remains to be seen.


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