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Sakshi Foundation President Dr. Mridula Tandon joins Jan Ki Baat on the 25th anniversary of the independence of Turkmenistan

Dr Mridula Tandon, the head of Sakshi Foundation, spoke to Pradip Bhandari, the CEO and Founder of Jan Ki Baat. Dr Tandon believes the rich culture ties that India and Turkmenistan share have given rise to such occasion. These Jashn hope to encapsulate multi-dimensional nature of festivities, with the philosophy and culture of Turkmenistan being made visible to India. Pushing forward the idea of acceptance of a multi-racial, pluro-ethnic world, Dr Tandon talked about the need for harmony and peace between different cultures: “Learning from past is necessary to avoid today’s frictions.”

The Foundation’s organizing Jashn-e-Tehzeeb to commemorate the 25th year of Turkmenistan’s independence, to honour Turkmenistan’s heritage and aligning it with India’s cultural history, the event aims to infuse the best of both cultures.

Sakshi has been working since 1993 in a range of arenas, education and health being the primary areas. Empowering slum communities so as to break free from the cycle of urban poverty, Sakshi hopes to achieve and spread this empowerment through community development programmes and schemes it designs. Tandon says that one small change is enough to transform lives around it.


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