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Centre for Civil Society and National Independent School Alliance come together to revolutionize education in India

The Centre for Civil Society and the National Independent School Alliance collaborate on an education project, meant to revolutionize the education sector. Their slogan, “Save Education”, hopes to translate their resistance to certain government’s decisions. Closure of a few Budget Private Schools has led the collaboration to challenge these decisions and demand for a certain amount of autonomy and freedom from governmental interference.

National Independent School Alliance covers the Budget Private Schools across India, offering them a platform to voice their concerns, be it infrastructural or administrative. Centre for Civil Society is known for its role in the world of policies. NISA and CCS come together to build a more inclusive environment for the BPS and improve the image Private schools have, in general, as they’re neither solely profit-oriented nor lacking in the ability to provide quality education.

The ASER Report of 2013 states that an average of 29% students in India are enrolled in Private schools, emphasizing the need to revamp the image of private schools and for funds to come in along with revolutionary ideas.


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