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Gaurav Choubey, Associate at K & S Partners talks about intellectual Property Rights

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Gaurav Choubey, an Associate at K & S Partners, converses with Jan Ki Baat to bust a few myths about IPR and highlight some of is legal benefits. Choubey remarked that a lot of basic information about IPR and related topics was disseminated in a very simple manner. Instrumental usage of novelty, inventive straps for protecting the IP of emerging companies was discussed and talked about in detail, something that Choubey praises. He also believes that the idea of obtainment of IPRs being expensive is false; IPRs isn’t costly as it its cost depends on what kind of protection the startup is searching for and the jurisdiction in which it wants the IPR in. Patenting has a deterrent value on infringers and serves as the protective gear of the company.

The National Symposium on IPR is generally regarded as a positive development in the history of IPR because of its aim to understand the environment that forms the backdrop of the startup culture in India. IPRs are now being backed by legal provisions; conferences like the Symposium attempt to make these startups aware of the support system they’re surrounded with.

The uniqueness of an idea comes from its being novel which guarantees its patentability. An unheard-of, new idea becomes the crux of the company, around which IPRs are being built.


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