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Govind Kedia, Managing Director of Arctic Invent talks about Intellectual Property Rights

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Govind Kedia, the Managing Director of Arctic Invent, spoke to Akriti Bhatia, co-founder of Jan Ki Baat during the National Symposium on IPR for SMEs and Startups about the conference’s aims. Kedia acknowledged that though Indian SMEs are innovating and coming up with unique, diverse ideas, there exists a need to protect these ideas with the help of IPRs for the enterprises to gain the competitive edge and develop themselves to the fullest of their potential. The greatness of the idea remains unseen until it’s executed correctly, Kedia says; “Facebook was not the first one” that build a social media platform but it was the first successful one because it was able to identify a great idea and execute it in the best possible manner. Patanjali is cited as an example that has established itself as a brand by tying up with small scale industries and farmers. IPR allows SMEs and startups to reap monetary benefits of their products.

The startup ecosystem in India continues to grow and with it, grow a number of issues. Unique, relevant solutions have to assess their validity in the social scenario they’re a part of and then must attempt to claim ownership of their uniqueness, an advice that’s both legal and marketable. Registered IP positively impacts the client base because of its added value, allowing the company to put up a brand value along with its creativity.

How an invention’s benefits can be distributed becomes an ethical as well as an economic concern, both of which IPR seeks to address; it permits an idea to become unique and simultaneously, solve real, business, social problems.


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