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Sakshi Malik on Bangalore Mass Molestation case

The interview contain:

In an exclusive interview, Sakshi Malik, the first India female wrestler to win a Olympic medal, commented on the Bangalore mass molestation case. Condemning the actions that took place on the last day of 2016, Malik noted that necessary action will be taken against the perpetrators. She hinted that despite the availability of helplines and police support, there is an immediate need for mental advancement so as to forfeit narrow, conservative notions about one half of the population. Malik also pointed out the error in replaying the blame-the-victim card.

Late at night on 31st December, several women complained that they were molested by men upon returning from the New Year party they were attending. CCTV cameras have caught the incident and these tapes have gone viral, serving as evidentiary proof of mistreatment of the women. One woman is seen being groped and struggling to escape from the clutches of her perpetrators. The Bangalore Police Commissioner, Praveen Sood, has said that adequate action would be taken.

The incident, a major one since the December 2012 Nirbhaya case, brings to light the repressiveness of Indian society, especially in its treatment of womenfolk. An Amnesty International Survey shows that only 1% of Indian women who experience sexual violence actually report it to the authorities, which doesn’t come as a surprise considering the attitude of these authorities towards women.


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