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Soul Purpose: Making a real-time adventure for women

Vidya Deshpande from Soul Purpose Travels allows us to re-examine the idea of travel. Her agency focuses on the experiential aspect of travel instead of supplying the consumers with a surface-level experience of the location they’re visiting. For example, Deshpande says, the incorporation of the tourist with the geography of the place can be achieved by planning a village-stay or having their dinner with the local residents, both of which she has already surprised a few customers with. To tone the experience down, there’s always an Adventure trip at the end of her tours; trekking, hiking, rafting are some of the adventure sports. Deshpande has already been to Ladakh, Auroville, Kutch and Nagaland, hinting at the massive amount of geographical spaces she’s covered. Her next tour would be a combined one, to Vietnam and Combodia.

Tipping Point 1.0 is a stage for young women entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas. It becomes a location for women to encourage entrepreneurial behaviour amongst themselves and thereby, close the vast gap that exists between male and female entrepreneurs.

Deshpande’s background as a journalist inspired her and her photographer friend to set their company up.


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